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Geohot May Come Back with Ra1n?

Well, a week ago we told you that George Hotz (Known by Geohot) left the Jailbreak scene by saying Good Bye and He will not make any jailbreak again, But before he left, he told us to follow his friend Mike Cohenn, Today, Mike Cohenn posted on his twitter account that it’s the time to Make “Ra1n”!!

It’s a surprise for both of us, but we have two facts we may put in our mind, The first that Mike Cohenn himself will release a jailbreak named xxxxRa1n and he will take the same exploit Geohot got to jailbreak iPhone 4. The Other fact that Geohot is really back and is working on a Jailbreak!
So Stay Tuned and I will inform you by any News about this Human!

Also Comex is about to update his popular tool “Spirit”, It’s (un)tethered Jailbreak for all devices, iPhone 4 / 3GS New and Old Bootroms / 3G and iPod Touch 3G / 2G. More Details posted here.