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Geohot Closed First Donations Round

Geohot has just publish a new post on his new blog “Geohot Got Sued” to thank his fans who gave him a donation to support him against Sony.

For who don’t know, Geohot got sued by Sony after he has successfully jailbroke PS3, Sony claims that Geohot broke the law and Sony rights by jailbreaking PS3. Two days ago Geohot started to ask his fans to support him to continue the legal battle with Sony.

“Thank you so so much for all of your help, things are looking up money wise.
Expect to see a few more lawyers on my responses!
I have enough to cover my legal fees for the time being.
And in the absolute worst case scenario, we don’t want Sony getting it 😛

For now, the best thing you can do is spread the word
Let people know how Sony treats customers
Let people know Sony would rather sue than be proactive and try to fix the problem
Let people know about laws like the DMCA which stifle innovation, and don’t do anything to fix the problems they were created to solve”

Geohot has announced that he has finished the first round, which means that it is possible that there will be a second round, Geohot didn’t announce the exact amount he has raised, but it’s obviously enough to cushion his legal expenses for the time being.