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Fail0verflow Team Found A New Effective Way to Jailbreak PS3

A new hacker team called fail0verflow was able to find a new way to jailbreak PS3, the team was able to make a small presentation at the Chaos Communication Congress which has been held in Berlin recently. The hackers team announced that they had been able to break PS security in a missive way.

Fail0verflow discovered how to calculate the security keys needed to sign off on any piece of software which essentially makes the keys to the security gate for the PS public.

What these techy words mean? This new hack will allow you to burn any game to a Blu-ray disc, this hack was successfully run on any PS3 with any version of firmware.

Fail0verflow mentioned that its goal is to allow Linux to be run on PS3. so this looks more effective than PSJailbreak, what do you think?  [via SlashGear]