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Facebooks Mail Coming this Monday to Take on Gmail

Project Titan is coming on Monday in Facebook’s event to take on Gmail. Facebook has acquired domain name, may be for this project. Project Titan is a web-based email client that we hear is unofficially referred to internally as its “Gmail killer”.

The event that we already reported about hinted strongly that the news would have something to do with its inbox, or chat improvements. Now, it seems like Titan is real. From here, you shall ask yourself, “Why I’ll give up Gmail for Facebook mail?”.

If I were Google, I would be very angry because Facebook mail could be a killer but why will it kill Gmail? Facebook has 500 million active users while Gmail is estimated at 170 million registered users. Think about it, Facebook’s users are already using messaging system and chat system so may be lots of users (probably all) will try this Facebook Mail. I think if Facebook played the game right and made the best web-based e-mail, it will kill Gmail, what about you?

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