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Facebook Tops Google as the Most Visited Site of 2010

In an extremely shocking report, is it now clear that Facebook has topped Google as the most visited site of 2010. This is very shocking to beat Google because it is a search engine, and many people visit it to search up their topics almost everyday. Is it possible that social networking has topped the #1 search engine?

In 2010, Facebook has accumulated some 8.93% of the site visits online, but Google only accumulated 7.19% followed by the leading video viewing site Youtube with 3.52%. So if you do combine Youtube and Google, the percentage does beat Facebook.

In 2009, Facebook has only reached third place on the top sites visited charts, but it was assumed that Facebook did try to move up one place this year, but many didn’t expect to hit the top of the charts. In other news, Facebook has also been the most searched for in phrases or terms. Will Facebook still be the most visited in 2011?

Above is a picture of sites that were top visited over 2009 and 2010. So, what do you think? [TheNextWeb]