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Does iPod Touch 4G have the Same Retina Display as the iPhone 4?

From the most important things that Steve Jobs announced in his Special Media Event in San Fransisco is the iPod touch 4G with a back camera for HD video recording and front one with 960 x 640 Retina Display for E-mail based FaceTime feature that was noticed in iOS 4.1.

9to5mac noticed that the Retina Display of iPod touch 4G doesn’t have the same wide angle viewing as the iPhone 4. You can see the difference between iPhone 4’s screen and iPod touch 4G’s screen in the video below, skip to 00:15 and you will notice that it really differs. 

According to the technical specs posted on Apple.com, you will notice that “Retina Display” and “Contrast Ratio”  bits are the same as used in the iPhone 4’s Retina Display which enables the user to view the screen from tight viewing angles is missing from iPod touch 4G.

Strange that they aren’t just carbon copies of each other! So what do you think? Does the iPod touch 4G really have the same screen as iPhone 4? or it’s just a simmilar version with same pixels but not the same contrast ratio?

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