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Create Your Facebook Group Now [How to Guide]

Yesterday we reported you about the redesigned Facebook which unveiled a bunch of new features. Now we will focus specifically on the Facebook Group. With this new Facebook feature you can share music, videos and photos, in addition you can chat with all group members using a small chat box. now I will show you how to create your new Facebook Group.

Step 1: You have to visit Facebook Group page.

Step 2: Click on “Create Group“.

Step 3: Pick a name to your Group, then click “Create“.

Step 4: Pick an email address, group icon and control privacy of your group by clicking “Edit Group

Step 5: Choose an icon to your group.

Step 6: Here you can control privacy of your Group content.

Step 7: Pick an email address to you Group. then click “Choose Email Address” and finally click “Save Changes”

Step 8: Click on “Profile Pictures” at left side, to pick an image to your Group.

Step 9: To share music, videos or photos, you can use the top button in your Group.

You can edit your group information whenever you would like by visiting “Edit Group“. By the way, CoveringWeb Group has been created, you can join our chat over there.

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