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Australia minister: Googles privacy policy a bit creepy

Australia’s communications minister attacks Google on the web! He has called Google’s privacy policy “a bit creepy” in personal attacks against the head of the company and fellow Web giant Facebook in an Internet filtering row. specifically, he said that the recent incident, where Google was caught collecting private wireless data, he says Google had committed the “single greatest breach in the history of privacy.”
Google has apologized for collecting WiFi data from private households, and deleted all the data in its possession saying:

On Friday May 14 the Irish Data Protection Authority asked us to delete the payload data we collected in error in Ireland. We can confirm that all data identified as being from Ireland was deleted over the weekend in the presence of an independent third party. We are reaching out to Data Protection Authorities in the other relevant countries about how to dispose of the remaining data as quickly as possible.

But Conroy accused Google of hypocrisy when it came to censorship, and said it considered itself above the law, singling out chief executive Eric Schmidt for reproach.

They consider that they are the appropriate people to make the decisions about people’s privacy data,” Conroy said, adding a jab or two at everyone’s favorite target when it comes to privacy issues, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook, Conroy said, is “corporate giant who is answerable to no one and motivated solely by profit