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AT&T Claims 4 out of 10 of iPhone Sales to Enterprises

Zdnet announced that 40% of the AT&T iPhone sales are to business customers

Four out of 10 sales of the iPhone are made to enterprise users. When the iPhone came out, what most people heard in the first year from ’07 to ’08 was oh my God, it’s not BlackBerry secure. This is not going to work on the enterprise space.
At the end of the day, it’s just software. That’s all it is.

Also Reporting that Spears detailed how AT&T uses its iPhone lineup at the corporate level.

Most of our monthly reporting is all built into an app that gets updated when our systems get updated, and we do an automatic fetch. And any time I want to look at where we sort of sit from a financial point of view in ABS, it now resides on my iPhone as an app. So it starts to change the way you think about governing your business. It changes the speed with which you can make decisions.

He says that iPhone is basically a computing Device to Enterprises, Allowing them to forget some laptop purchases and move to the more portable iPhone as an all-in-one device. [via Macrumors]