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Apple Plans to Offer a 7-inch iPad, Mini iPad

According to DigiTimes, Apple could be planning to offer a new, smaller iPad with a screen size of 7 inches. Reports say that Samsung plans to unveil its new tablet PC with Android 2.2 operating system in September but Samsung skipped the 10-inc model and decided to make a 7-inch tablet PC to compete the new mini iPad.

Since Samsung skipped the 10-inch panel format and jumped directly to 7-inch panel, the sources believe the company is actually aiming at Apple’s upcoming 7-inch iPad for competition and not the current model

Also, according to reports from UDN (Google Translated), There will be a new 6 to 7 inch mini iPad. According to reports, Apple should unviel this smaller-size iPad as soon as the first quarter of 2011.

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