Mozilla Firefox 4 Updated to 4.0.1 (Direct Download Link)

After few weeks of Firefox 4.0 release, It is now updated to Firefox 4.0.1.
What’s new with this update?

as you noticed, i havent posted about mozilla firefox 4 after it was officially released, why?
because i don’t usually recommends version release that started with zero (4.0, 3.0 etc..)

What’s New in Firefox 4.0.1
v.4.0.1, released April 28th, 2011

Google Ads:

Firefox 4.0.1 fixes the following issues found in previous versions of Firefox 4:

Firefox 4.0.1

So without further chit-chat’s, you can download Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 from the link below;

Download Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 for Windows

Mirror Link:
Download Moziila Firefox 4.0.1 for Windows

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