Killed iPad’s battery? – Get new iPad!

That’s impossible, as we all know, to change the battery in iPad, iPhone and iPod by your own, i.e. they are designed in such a way that there is no access to accumulator. Well, that all is just in theory, as our handy men disassembled and assembled even more complicated devices and in spite of the fact there remained spare details, they worked. But Apple has different approach to a battery.

Google Ads:

– “iPhone/iPod Battery Replacement Program” is a service enabling battery replacement just for $85.95, of course, only specialists do this.

Similar program will be launched for Apple tablet also. But for $99 (+ $6.95 for delivery) they won’t just give you the new battery, they will give you absolutely new iPad. So, if your tablet’s battery runs down beforehand, pay $105.95 and get new iPad. Though, Apple forewarns it will return your tablet without any content that’s why it is recommended to save all valuable information.

Good program, isn’t it? Killed your tablet (wore out, for example) and then you can change it for a new one. And it’s for rather driblet. However, this service will be available directly not everywhere, and you will have to pay to mediators. So, take care of your iPads!

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