Citrix Receiver software will allow real work to be done.

Citrix and iPad a match made in Heaven?

Anyone who supports or works within a Citrix environment knows the pain of trying to remotely login from the iPhone. Sure there is an iPhone app for that but while “functional” it isn’t practical enough to be used on a constant basis. Enter the iPad.

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Citrix is set to release  a new version of its Citrix Receiver software to coincide with the iPads release that will solve all of the problems from it’s smartphone sibling.

“The iPhone restrictions of screen size and small keyboards are overcome with the iPad. The iPad looks to be an ideal end-point device that can empower users to be productive wherever they are and IT will be able to safely deliver company-hosted virtual desktops and apps without worry,” Fleck wrote.

“If your company has XenDesktop or XenApp you will be happy to know you will be able to use your iPad for real work as well,” wrote Citrix Vice President Chris Fleck in a company blog. “It turns out the 9.7-inch display on the iPad with a 1024&#215-768 screen resolution looks and works great for a full-VDI XenDesktop virtualization.  Windows applications run unmodified and securely in the data center, and even multiple applications at once.”

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