Top Features Of Mac OS X Mountain Lion


Apple will be releasing the new OS X Mountain Lion version for the Mac this july which will be available in the Mac store. According to Apple there are about 200 new features that are added to the new version of Mac. Out of those 200 features, we have picked up some of the top features for you which are mentioned below in the list.

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In Built Sharing Options:

The new OS X Mountain Lion OS is amazingly integrated with the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more. Once you login into your account then your Mountain Lion OS X will also show the share menus and buttons with the help of which you can share your stuff from Mac easily.

Air Play Mirroring:

Now with the new Mac OS you can easily see whats on your Mac in a HD TV wirelessly. This feature is especially designed for the people who have to give presentations on a big screen or the teachers who have to deliver a lecture to students. All the menus and options automatically appear on the TV screen automatically after connection when we are using the Mountain Lion OS. The best part of Air play Mirroring is that it can automatically adjust the resolution of the content that is to be displayed on the TV.


The new Mountain Lion OS X consists of dashboard which has widgets to perform most of your tasks. A widget browser is also included which would help in searching the widgets for you.


dictation on mountain lion os x

Your new version of Mac listens to your voice commands which means now you just have to speak instead of using the keyboard to type the text. The dictation features connects to the servers of Apple and can be used to fill any kind of text field with your voice. The dictation also realizes the basic commands in typing like “all caps” , “new line” and many more.


The new Mac OS X Mountain Lon has an improved version of iCloud as compared to the existing one as now your notes and calender reminders are automatically synchronized to your iCloud library where all the documents and notes are stored. Also iDisk no longer exists on Mac now.


Integration With Facebook:

Earlier Apple had announced iOS6 which has an excellent integration with the most popular social networking website in world, now a similar impressive integration is done of Mac with Facebook as now we have a sharing options in our Mac which would help in easy sharing of photos and videos from Mac to facebook. Also Facebook notifications are visible in the notification bar. Once you sign in to your Facebook account, then your Mac easily sync your contacts from your Facebook account to your Mac.


Improved Mac App Store:

The new version of Mac OS X has an improved Mac app store which includes more games and applications for your Mac. Also the applications which are downloaded are updated automatically.


Better Mail Box and Messages:

Mails and messages is a daily necessity for the users of Mac, so now apple has made a better mailbox and mail notification which makes your mail handling easy. Also the sharing option added also helps to forward the mail easily. iMessage is also added to Mountain Lion with the help of  which you an message any iPhone, iPad user who is using iOS5. More features are also added to iMessage as now you can search and forward messages. Also auto completion of the names have also been added to the new Mountain Lion OS X.

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