RIM Attacks Apple — Puts PlayBook VS. iPad in Browser Test [VIDEO]

Today RIM (Research in Motion) posted a side-by-side video of their PlayBook vs. Apple’s iPad to show the browsing ability and speeds the PlayBook has to offer. There were three different tests, they tested both of them in raw web-site rendering, Acid3, and Java. The results are very exciting and unbelievable.

RIM’s Playbook loads pages faster than the iPad and has full flash capabilities considerig you don’t have Flash on iPad.

So, Apple, let’s hope we see iPad 2nd generation versus this RIM’s Playbook as the two devices will be in the same level of technician.

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Oh, forgot to tell you that Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO of Research In Motion said in an interview at the Web 2 Summit in San Francisco that unlike Apple, “you don’t have to go through a closed platform of an SDK. You don’t need an app for the web.” What do you think? [via TiPB]

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