RecBoot 1.1 to Exit and Enter Recovery Mode, Now without LibUSB!

What if you stuck on Recovery Mode? or your Home Button is closed? May be you run a program and need to kick out Recovery Mode? Well, RecBoot is what you want, With Recboot you can get out of Recovery to mode without need to LibUSB.

Here’s iHacker update on Recboot 1.1:

I’ve been getting TONS of emails from people saying that RecBoot wasn’t working for them because of libusb. This update makes RecBoot use iTunnel instead of iRecovery, which is based around MobileDevice.h, which means no libusb!

If you wish to enter Recovery Mode, however, you will need to download and place iTunesMobileDevice.dll in the RecBoot folder. I cannot provide this due to legal reasons. I could have made RecBoot point to the DLL from the registry, but I’m not going to, it’s just a quick open source thing I created for the community that isn’t a big deal, feel free to do whatever you want with it, use the batch files and everything else in the folder. The source code can be downloaded here. RecBoot is yours now, I’m not going to be spending all my time on a program that opens a batch file.

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Download Recboot 1.1 for Windows

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