New Cydia Update Coming Soon Will Bring Some New Features

We already told you about Cydia and integration and it was a great success for Cydia, but some users noticed heavy load of apps, and some complications with Cydia. So, Jay Freeman (the creator of Cydia, a.k.a Saurik) decided to give Cydia tons of new features which will satisfy all users, also will improve some issues, and improve it’s speed.

Here’s the changes we could get:

  • Download all existing Rock apps from Cydia for FREE.
  • You will be able to log in Cydia with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Backup your existing packages installed in Cydia to be able to sync, or restore them on a another iOS device.
  • In the IRC Chat, you will be able to add votes and reviews.
  • Ability to feedback developers and hackers.

Of course there’s no ETA for the update but according to some source, it may be launched with the launch of Greenpois0n jailbreak or before it. We will keep you informed so stay tuned ! [via iSpazio, Redmondpie]

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