iPad has been banned in Yankee Stadium / Game

Yahoo sports has reported that iPad is included under the “no laptops” rule in the security policy of Yankee Stadium so you are not allowed to take your iPad there. “Don’t even think about bringing your iPad to a Yankee game”..

Here’s What Duk Said in his Post:

Actually, they won’t let anyone bring their cool new toy through the gates. I called over to the Yankees’ security department to confirm this story and was told that the ban is true. All iPads fall under the “no laptops” rule in its existing security policy and are not allowed at Yankee Stadium.

This Ban seems not Unjust for iPad, as iPad is not even a Lap Top to be included under “Lap Tops”, Also iPad is safe for work and there’s no way it would damage anything in the stadium. [via iThinkdef]

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