How to: get Push Notifications Using LetMeKnow [RSS, Twitter, Facebook]

LetMeKnow is an app that was developed to work as an RSS Reader, and Also get Twitter and Facebook notifications from users you select, With this App you can get Push Notifications of any blog or any Twitter username, check the guide after the jump..
Step 1: Download and Install LetMeKnow app from the App Store (download links at the end of the page)
Step 2: After Installing LetMeKnow app, Launch it from the Home Screen and Confirm to get Push Notifications by touching “OK

Step 3: Now you can Select the type of Notifications, For example Select “RSS

Step 4: You will be notified to Enter URL of RSS Subscription, If you want to get CoveringWeb Feeds, Write down ““, the same for any Twitter username or Facebook.
Step 5: Click on Save and You are done, Now you will get the RSS Feeds whenever it’s updated by Notifications

Download LetMeKnow app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch [iTunes Link]

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