Hackers Are Working on Unlocking Baseband 05.14.02 for iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.1

Here’s a piece of good news! Last week, we told you that Unlock for iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.1 on 05.14.02 baseband is being delayed because both Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team are busy developing the jailbreak tool (based on SHAtter exploit) for all devices running iOS 4.1. The good one is that basband hacker Sherif Hashim has just confirmed to us that he is working on crashing baseband 05.14.02.

Sherif Hashem is a trusted member worked with the dev-team to crash baseband 05.13.04 on iOS 4 before which used in Ultrasn0w 0.93. So, if he could successfully crash 05.14.02 baseband, we will see unlock soon. By the way, there’s a hacker called Clayton Braasch said that he found 4 crashes to unlock baseband 05.14.02, but this is 99.99% fake (as confirmed before), so don’t get your hopes up about this hacker. As usual, we will keep you updated.

Update 1: Well, Sherif Hashim apologized to Clayton Braash and now I think they are both working on finding crashes to unlock baseband 05.14.02, hope they get it as soon as possible. Here’s the potential unlock found by Braash in a video,

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