Geohot Apologizing

Geohot the has just sent a tweet from few seconds, he apologized about his behavior and suddenly disappearance, as we know George Hotz is a big name in the jailbreak world he is the creator of the blakra1n and blacksn0w tools. See what he said after the break.

I understand most of you say you depend on my work, but reality is I made a lot of great tools and resources for others to continue. I apologize for my behavior the last few months but you must understand my life doea not revolve around just iphone. This was something I picked up for fun and now it has turned to much more than that. we have many great people on the scene now, please check them out. i don’t plan on releasing anything soon. Thank you.

I think it is not logic to see one don’t like fame, money, appreciation and respect from people, cause the jailbreakers look like Hollywood Stars in the internet community, I think that Geohot may continue but via his friend Mike Cohen.

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Update 1: @GeorgeHotz is not the Real Geohot, more details posted here.

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