First Jailbroken Apple TV App is Just a Weather Widget!

Couple of weeks back, developers had figured out a way to install apps on jailbroken Apple TV but it was not possible to launch the installed iOS app as there is no application launcher in Apple TV. It’s now possible to jailbreak your Apple TV 2G using PwnageTool or GreenPois0n. Today, A small team of developers over at nitoTV have already written the first jailbroken AppleTV app. guess what?

It’s not as you think; it’s just a weather manager (as a widget), as mentioned on Twitter, it should be released soon at least as a weather widget and also RSS feeds is working. Althoug the app doesn’t mean much; but it shows a great progress in running apps on jailbroken Apple TV. Stay tuned as we will keep you informed whenever the game starts.

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