Facebook Says, There are Only 44 Million Active Monthly iOS Users, not 104 Million

It was just a week ago when Facebook posted that there’s over 150 million active monthly users on mobile platforms, 104 million of them were browsing Facebook on the service’s popular iPhone app. This was a rather false figure, Engadget got in touch with Facebook and has updated its figures saying that there are only 44 million active monthly iOS users not 104 million. Here’s what they say,

There are currently 44 million monthly active users of the Facebook for iPhone app. We recently changed the definition of mobile active users to exclude those who have only liked or commented on stream stories. Instead we are counting “active” users as people who have taken explicit actions within an application. This practice is more aligned with how we count overall active users for the site.

Well, it still an impressive figure. In my opinion, the 44 Million active monthly users are using iPhone and iPod touch not iPad, as the Facebook app bugs a lot on the iPad.

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