Chronic Dev Team To Release 5 New Userland Jailbreaks Soon

Just a quick heads up: The Chronic Dev Team (@p0sixninja and @iOPK) during MyGreatFest has announces that they’ve discovered 5 new userland jailbreak exploits for iPad 2 and iPhone 5. P0sixninja was on the stage in MyGreatFest and announced the biggest news we’ve heard this week!

P0sixninja said that they’re willing to release a userland jailbreak for iPhone 5 as soon as it’s released. He also notes that the the next jailbreak will be the most amazing jailbreak yet.

He quoted that they’ll need the iPhone 5 itself to know which exploit will work on it:

The team is as ready as it can be for the iPhone 5 jailbreak, without having the actual handset. Once the iPhone 5 is available, the Chronic Dev Team will be working hard to find a jailbreak solution, and release it to the public.

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Stay tuned for more to come later as Saurik will talk on the stage.

(Via AppAdvice, CydiaHelp)

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