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Enable Aero and Personalization Feature in Windows 7 Starter & Home Basic

Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic doesn’t have an Aero feature by default but with Aero Patch those limitations are now a thing of the past. Aero Patch enables full featured aero glass and personalization features in Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter Edition. – Aero Glass and coloring – Full themes support including RSS and slideshow themes – Peak, Shake and WinFlip 3D – Third party themes support Aero Patch was created by Mr. Dusha and published by Happy Bulldozer via winaero Here’s a video demonstration of Aero Patch in ac...read more

Snap and Resize Window in Windows 7 with Gridy

We all know the cool features of Windows 7, called Aero Snap feature, we can snap a window to right/left or maximize by dragging the window to top of your screen. Now, Lets take Windows 7 Aero snapping to a next level using Gridy Tool. With Gridy we can snap,resize or shrink a window just by dragging a window to a grid location on desktop where you wanted, or by using arrow keys on your keyboard. I use this tool when I want to resize my Windows Explorer or Firefox Browser window the same size to all my browsers window size, like Google Chrome...read more