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Google Launches Google+ v2.6 For Android

Google recently launched the application of its not so very successful social networking website Google+. In this new version the Google+ application , the developers have added a new UI ( User Interface) to the application. (more…)...read more

Can Windows8 Tablet Be the Main rival of iPad

iPad is so far the most successful tablet all over the world. None Tablet is able to beat the sales of iPad so far. However recently launched Google Nexus is gaining a lot of popularity but still apple iPad remains at the top spot. (more…)...read more

Motorola Phones Faces Ban In German Because of Microsoft Patent

Motorola is now being sued by Microsoft for violating its patent for the user interface of the Android devices. The court has further ordered to check all the Motorola devices for any violation of any other patent by Microsoft. (more…)...read more

Apple going to launch T.V set in Early 2013

Apple , the world famous company who is famous for the invention that it makes is now going to launch a new product which is an Apple Television set. Sources say that the Television from Apple can be launched in early 2013. Online Film rental services and itunes download are some the key exciting features of the television. (more…)...read more

HTC Amaze 4G Recieves the Android 4.0 ( IceCream Sandwich) Update

Here is good news about the T-Mobile customers that they are very soon going to receive an update for Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich which is the latest version of Android currently going on. (more…)...read more

Microsoft Windows Phone Vs Android: Android has a larger Market

Windows Phone have been launched a long time back but still the Windows phones are not that popular as any other phone like Android which grew up very fast and has now become a popular smart phone among the masses. (more…)...read more