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Enable .NetFramework 3.5 in Windows 8 without using Windows Update

Microsoft has already released Windows 8 Release Preview some time ago. It’s got some really good new stuff like the metro UI and ribbon explorer and some more… but there was one little thing bothering me with it. .Net Framework 3.5 wasn’t installed by default. If you want it, you have to get it from windows update. I noticed that when i was checking the new windows features dialog which can be accessed from Control panel>Programs>turn windows features on or off or if you’re using the metro screen, just typing the letters fea which are the fir...read more

Patch Your Windows System Files To Use A Custom Themes

Recommended way when applying a custom themes in Windows is to use Universal Theme Patcher. It will patch your system files in windows so that you can use a 3rd party or custom themes. Universal Theme Patcher is a free portable utility created by deepxw, that needed to run only once to be able to patch your system files. Universal Theme Patcher for Windows Patch uxtheme, free your Windows supports 3rd party desktop msstyle themes. It is a universal theme patcher. Without language limited, Supports all language of windows! 1. Can operate in no...read more