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Sony Xperia ION : Review and Specifications

Sony Xperia ION is one of the good phones which Sony is about to launch in the second half of the year. Sony Xperia ION can compete with the top grossing phones like Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X but it is difficult for Xperia ION to win over them as Sony Xperia ION has a dual core processor whereas others have a Quadcore processor. Below are mentioned the main key features of the phone. (more…)...read more

White iPhone 4 Unboxing Video

This morning when I saw this video, I was shocked, This is a real White iPhone 4 shown in a video unboxed and used! White iPhone 4 was delayed due to color issues, Apple delayed it till the end of this year in a public statement (more…)...read more

Upcoming Comex Jailbreak seems to be Released Today

Quick heads up, someone published this image on the web, we don't know it's source but it's seems not fake! Comex mentioned in his podcast interview that he is waiting for saurik to finish Cydia bootstrap, the screenshot below shows a message from saurik saying that he already gave the bootstrap to comex. (more…)...read more

iPhone 4 Unlock Done, Lets begin the Countdown

Yes, You read it right! Planetbeing has just managed to Unlock iPhone 4, Planetbeing has finally unlocked his iPhone 4. He has posted on his twitter account that he got his iPhone 4 Unlocked! So Let's  beigin the Countdown for Release Time. (more…)...read more

White iPhone 4 Arrived [Unboxing – First Photos]

It's for Real, White iPhone 4 has been Unveiled and arrived, M.I.C gadget has got leaked images for White iPhone 4 Box and Unboxing it, they all seems awesome and I would change my black iPhone 4 for a white one! (more…)...read more