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Movie On Steve Jobs will Not Be an Exact Biography

Sorkin who is famous for his screenplay in the recently hit movie ‘The Social Network’ which a movie based on the founder of facebook none other than Mark Zucker berg. Sorkin is now planning to make a movie on the life the Very famous Steve Jobs who died last year. (more…)...read more

Apple going to launch T.V set in Early 2013

Apple , the world famous company who is famous for the invention that it makes is now going to launch a new product which is an Apple Television set. Sources say that the Television from Apple can be launched in early 2013. Online Film rental services and itunes download are some the key exciting features of the television. (more…)...read more

Is There a Possibility that HTC Phones can be banned from US.?

The Legal battle between Apple and HTC against HTC can favour Apple and this can lead to a ban on HTC products. Now it’s been a year that both the companies are battling with each other. Their battle also complaints about the Apple’s larger complaint against Android that it is an copied product from the iPhone. (more…)...read more

Steve Jobs ranked as the 110th richest person with $8.3 billion, Zuckerberg gets the 52nd

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is ranked as the world's 110th richest person with net worth of $8.3 billion according to Forbes annual list. Last year, Jobs' net worth was up from $5.5 billion and 136th place so I think he made a great milestone in one year. (more…)...read more

Steve Jobs on the Stage on the iPad 2 Media Event

Some good news at the beginning of the Media Event, Steve Jobs is talking currently on stage, presenting Apple's special event at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. (more…)...read more

Twitter Suspends Steve Jobs Parody Account @ceoSteveJobs

Twitter has suspended the Steve jobs parody account on Twitter @ceoSteveJobs, this account has more than 460,000 followers and over 650 tweets. Last month Apple sent a complaint to Twitter in which Apple noted that the account didn't clearly state in the account name that it was parody, so it might caused a mistakenly lead. (more…)...read more

Apples Tim Cook expected to present the iPad 2

We're only about few days away from the iPad 2 event on March 2nd and as most of you know Apple CEO Steve Jobs' health is getting very bad so he might not present the iPad 2. Los Angeles Times reported that Apple CFO Tim Cook who is acting as a CEO is going to the presentation, effectively taking over the ceremonial duties typically reserved for Steve Jobs, who left the company he helped found last month on medical leave. (more…)...read more

Steve Jobs health getting down (video)

We've just been tipped off by a latest video shows that Steve Job's health is terribly down. It's not the same body that was full of energy specially during the media events and announcement of new products. (more…)...read more

Steve Jobs at Dinner with Obama

Here's the photo we were all waiting for, Steve Jobs at dinner with Obama, including Obama's guests, you can see Steve Jobs sitting to the left of Obama. (more…)...read more

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt will Meet Obama Tomorrow

ABC news reports that CEOs of Apple, Facebook and Google will meet president of United States of America Barack Obama on Thursday (i.e. Tomorrow). (more…)...read more