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Facebook Planning Profit Earning Mobile Applications

The new generation now becoming smart phone oriented as most of the people are using smart phones, either Apple or iPhone or even Windows Phone is gaining some popularity among the masses. (more…)...read more

Orange To Launch First Intel Phone In UK San Diego

Orange’s San Diego is going to the first mobile which uses the Intel chips and hense is now the first Intel phone in UK. It might not be a excellent made phone but definitely phone features some good specifications which are good and can become quite popular among mid range smart phone users. (more…)...read more

Can Windows8 Tablet Be the Main rival of iPad

iPad is so far the most successful tablet all over the world. None Tablet is able to beat the sales of iPad so far. However recently launched Google Nexus is gaining a lot of popularity but still apple iPad remains at the top spot. (more…)...read more

Top Smart Phones Of The Month

With lots of new releases of some new phones, here are the phones which are expected be on the top of the charts sales this month. Most of the phones are based on Android but however we also have one windows7 based phone. (more…)...read more

Siri Now Has A Competition With S Voice in Galaxy S3

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S3 which gained a lot of popularity worldwide. But there two special features which are being launched with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and those are firstly the S Voice. (more…)...read more

Firefox Mobile OS Is Underdevelopment

  Mozilla is developing a new OS for mobiles which is gaining popularity by the name of Firefox OS. This new mobile OS is developed on HTML5 and it is expected that this new mobile OS will give a fresh new experience of mobile web browsing. (more…)...read more

Olympic Edition Devices being released by Samsung

Olympics is the league of competitions where every country is being represented by sme players of the country in every sports field. You will enjoy this sports festival with Samsung Smart phones commercial after every 15 minutes. (more…)...read more

HTC Launches One S Featuring 1.7GHz Processor

HTC, the Taiwanese company now launches the its new phone HTC One S which contains the most powerful processor which is hardly seen in mobiles. The phone features a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor which is makes this phone among one of the most powerful phones. (more…)...read more

Google Tablet To Start Shipping And Manufacturing in July

Apple is the world leader in selling the Tablets as many other Tablets were launched but none could reach the peak and push iPad. Now here comes Google To manufacture Tablets from which the tech experts have high hopes Google Tablet. (more…)...read more

iPad Mini To Be Launched In September By Apple Rumors

Apple iPad is still the world’s most powerful and top selling Tablet. No other Tablet is able to beat the iPad sales records. Now the rumors are there in the market about the Apple iPad Mini. (more…)...read more