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Top-Rated Android Password Manager and Security Apps

Android password managers not only offer you a convenient way of logging in to your favorite sites quickly and securely as well as store PINs and access codes. (more…)...read more

How To Pin Sites to Windows 7 Taskbar in IE9

We all knew that Internet Explorer 9 can pin sites to your Windows 7 Taskbar and here’s a little guide on how to do it… First of all, this simple tutorial is for those users of windows 7 who doesn’t know how. so if you are one of them, this is for you ;) In our example we are going to pin Facebook to Windows 7 Taskbar so we can access or open it instantly. Just Open up Internet Explorer 9 and type the URL in the address bar of the site you want to pin on your windows 7 taskbar. After the site are loaded in your IE9 just drag the TAB Bar to th...read more