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Turn your iPod Nano to iWatch with iLoveHandles

iLoveHands is offering the method that we already talked about before to turn your iPod nano 6G to the much waited iWatch from Apple. Lots of users like the idea of making the iPod nano an iWatch especially after watching the videos below to see it in action. (more…)...read more

Live Coverage of Apples September 1st Special Media Event

Preparations of well under way for Apple's September 1st media event, one of the most anticipated events of the year for the tech community. We may consider the launching of iPod Touch 4G, iWatch, iTV, iLife major update, iOS 4.1 software update, iTunes cloud and wireless synchronization, TV Show rentals, and more! This post is showing where can you keep updated with the event live on the web. (more…)...read more

iWatch is Scheduled to be Launched Next Week on September 1st?

Leaving reports about next generation iPod Touch with a square shape, access to 3G cellular networks and Apple's iTV that will change everything! Let's talk about something new, 9to5mac is reporting that iWatch may be introduced by Apple at the next Apple's event on Wednesday (September 1st). It is pretty much going to be screen, battery, System on Chip and some way to charge it. (more…)...read more