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Download Torrent Files to Your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad with Torrent Downloader Safari Plugin

If you are using torrent clients to download your movies, mp3s, games and etc. Here's a useful plugin for you, now you can download torrent files directly to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Mobile Safari plugin called Torrent Downloader Safari Plugin. (more…)...read more

Phone Disk Turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into a USB Drive [FREE]

Phone Desk is a nice tool for Windows and Mac OS X that enables you to turn your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a USB Drive. (more…)...read more

BitTorrent App for iPhone Hits the App Store [Updated]

Apple has officially approved the first application that makes it possible to manage the download of Torrent files directly to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new BitTorrent app called IS Drive. The app is intended as a tool for managing ImageShack’s torrent download service. (more…)...read more

New WordPress for iPhone and iPad, Brings Video Support

WordPress has just released a new version for iOS devices, the new version brings several very interesting improvements for bloggers. Now you can record, upload, attach and play videos within the new upgraded version. There is no doubts, this functionality will be invaluable for bloggers. (more…)...read more

Turn your iPod Touch into iPhone [Video]

We will show you today how to turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone with TextNow app,  This is app is available in the App Store for free, TextNow app allows you to make phone calls, voice mail, call forwarding, text messages, picture messages and more. It works on your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. (more…)...read more

Apple Updated Remote App for Apple TV

As we expect exactly, Apple has just updated their Remote app, which allows iOS devices to control iTunes and Apple TV using their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad over your Wi-Fi network. From anywhere in your home change a song, pick a playlist or browse through your entire library. With a flick of your finger, you can even control every aspect of the Apple TV user interface. (more…)...read more

Google Voice App for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Return to the App Store

Finally Apple has just approve the Google Voice Connect app, this comes after fourteen months after Apple pulled all Google voice apps out the App Store just like GV Mobile, Voice Central and even it refused the Google official app, The justification from Apple was "duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc)". (more…)...read more

Nike Releases Nike+ GPS App to Control Your Training

With Nike + GPS you have perfect control under all your workouts, With this new Nike official application , you can keep track of your workouts traking with the integrated GPS in our Apple devices without the need for external sensors. (more…)...read more