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NoMute for iPad Brings Back Orientation Lock from iOS 3.2 [Jailbreak App]

Apple has made a small hardware change in the newly released iOS 4.2.1 making the mute switch button used as a full-on mute switch to mute system sounds and notifications. However, some users are complaining about this change and wants to get the orientation lock back. (more…)...read more

Downgrade iOS 4.2 to iOS 3.2.2 for iPad, iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple released iOS 4.2 beta for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and we already shown you hands on videos and first look at iOS 4.2 on iPad. If you upgraded to this beta and want to get back to iOS 4.1 (iPhone, iPod touch), iOS 3.2.2 (iPad), we created an easy guide to do that, also you needn’t to edit your host files to bypass Apple signatures as it's still in beta. (more…)...read more

How to: Downgrade iOS 3.2.2 to iOS 3.2.1 on iPad

Early this week, we posted how to guide to downgrade iOS 4.0.2 to iOS 4.0.1 on iPhone and iPod Touch but for iPad users, you can also downgrade iOS 3.2.2 to iOS 3.2.1 easily, but don't forget, you need to have SHSH blobs that you already saved using TinyUmbrella before, If you don't have your ECID SHSH Blobs, then stop! you can't downgrade! (more…)...read more

Sn0wbreeze 2.0 Will be Released in Few Hours to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.0.2

A few minutes ago iH8sn0w has just posted on his twitter that he is about to release the Sn0wbreeze 2.0 after few hours, after he finished the integration between iREB and Snwbreeze 2.0 we have mentioned before, that sn0wbreeze 2.0 will jailbreak iPhone 3GS (Old Bootrom) on iOS 4.0.2. (more…)...read more

Apple Locked Digitally Signed For iOS 4.0.1/3.2.1

A few hours ago Apple has blocked the digital signature for the firmware 4.0.1 and 3.2.1 , so now it is impossible to restore to an earlier iOS version. From now users can't save SHSH files to Cydia or Apple for iOS 4.0.1 and 3.2.1 or lower. (more…)...read more

TinyUmbrella 4.02.04 to Save SHSH Blobs of iOS 4.0.2 / iOS 3.2.2

Early today we told you that Apple has stopped signing SHSH blobs of iOS 4.0.1 and iOS 3.2.1, So Notcom has updated his popular tool "TinyUmbrella" to be able to save SHSH of iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone / iPod Touch and iOS 3.2.2 for iPad. (more…)...read more