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Adobe Will No longer Make Flash Players For Mobiles Thanks To Apple

Adobe the famous company which is famous for making mostly all the plugins which are used to play videos on the mobile web has said via a Blog that from now it is not going to make flash players for the mobile devices. Danny Winokur , the vice-president and the General manager of the company has said that due to some new inventions flash player is hardly required for the mobile devices now. (more…)...read more

Chrome OS Ported to iPad with Flash Support

A web developer and hacker called Hexxeh, has successfully ported Chromium OS on the iPad, Hexxeh is 17 years old, he is well-known developer and hacker in the Chrome field,  for now we only have one screen-shot for that feat success, the image showing Chromium OS running on iPad. For those who don't know the Chromium OS, it is the open source version of Chrome OS. (more…)...read more

Greystripe and Adobe are working together to Deliver Flash Ads as HTML5

Greystripe and Adobe are working together to bring ads to iDevices all around, with technology that might one day enable the real reasons we want Flash as well. They are developing an interesting solution to transcode Flash to HTML5 on the fly for iOS, Android and “mobile web”. Press Release after the Jump... (more…)...read more

Apple Showcase HTML5

Apple has just published a new Page on it's Website known as "HTML5 showcase" which is compatible with most of devices including iPad (WOW). They encourage developers to Use HTML5 instead of Flash. They show why Flash is no longer necessary by the Demos on the site. (more…)...read more

The list of iPad optimized Websites

Apple published on its web site the list of most popular sites which completely optimized their resources for the iPad. That means no flash on these sites, they use such web standards as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript instead of it. (more…)...read more