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Set High Quality Image as Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 7 with IrfanView

You have lots of HD or HQ Wallpapers but when you set it as wallpaper, the quality of your images on desktop are degraded or it gets pixelated. When you set your images as wallpaper in Windows 7, the image you have set are converted into .JPG, that’s how Windows 7 do and here’s the proof by looking at the registry; and we all know .jpg images have lower quality than .PNG or .BMP images. (pixel size may varies) So, how can we set High Definition or High Quality images as wallpaper without loosing quality of the image? We are going to use a 3rd...read more

Open Firefox Bookmarks To A New Tab In Background

In this article we’ll show you on how you can load or open Firefox Bookmarks to a new tab in background by changing your Firefox advance configuration… If you open your Bookmarks in Firefox, e.g. from your Bookmarks menu or Bookmarks Toolbar into a new tab it will switch you to that tab by default, so if you are doing something in your active tab and you wanted to open some of your bookmarks you are automatically directed to that tab. We will change that behavior, so that we can continue do our task in our active tab and open our bookmarks in...read more

Snap and Resize Window in Windows 7 with Gridy

We all know the cool features of Windows 7, called Aero Snap feature, we can snap a window to right/left or maximize by dragging the window to top of your screen. Now, Lets take Windows 7 Aero snapping to a next level using Gridy Tool. With Gridy we can snap,resize or shrink a window just by dragging a window to a grid location on desktop where you wanted, or by using arrow keys on your keyboard. I use this tool when I want to resize my Windows Explorer or Firefox Browser window the same size to all my browsers window size, like Google Chrome...read more