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Gangsters on iPad

Price: $4.99 Download link: iTunes Attention!!! Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is now available on App Store for $4.99. The game features over 50 missions, good choice of cars and weapon, big city and magnificent 3G graphics. Choose a radio station while driving – hip-hop, rap, reggae, electro, Californian punk rock and own music from your iPod. So, be happy, GTA fans ...read more

Coming Soon: Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

May be the best GTA-type game yet for the iPhone. (more…)...read more

First Car Jack Streets Images Emerge

Today we are proud to present the first ever screen shots for the mega hyped GTA clone Car Jack Streets have hit the net! For those not familiar with the game.Car Jack Streets is a high octane action/driving game for iPhone, iPod Touch and mobile phones. It's a wild ride of cars, guns, crime and clowns. Yes clowns!CJS features a huge living city to explore, real time game-play, day and night cycles, a limitless number of jobs to complete, stunning comic book style visuals, lots of vehicles to jack, an 80 minute soundtrack, global rankings, felo...read more


It would be easy to simply label Payback as a Grand Theft Auto clone, sure there are similarities and the game does borrow heavily from that game, but Payback does enough to stand on it's own merits. (more…)...read more