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Amazon’s Kindle Fire: Technical Reviews

Kindle Fire is a very well designed by Amazon to give a close competition to Apple’s iPad. Amazon’s Kindle Fire was awaited from a long time and now when the device is finally available in the market we have all the pros and cons of Kindle Fire. (more…)...read more

Free Android GPS Trackers

Whether you are concerned about the safety or whereabouts of a family member or you just want to be able to quickly recover your phone if it is lost, you will need a phone tracker. (more…)...read more

Parallel Kingdom Age of Emergence: An App with GPS Integration

The first and most popular massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG) that uses your actual GPS (or WiFi) location to place your character on the map filled with monsters, treasure, and other real players. Parallel Kingdom is a FREE app that morphs the world you live in, into a real-time perpetual game world where you battle creatures and collect treasure in the exact location you're standing in. An amazingly creative concept, does it deliver? Let's enter the kingdom of "Parallel", the Age of Emergence and see what we got here.Gameplay...read more