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Top Features Of Mac OS X Mountain Lion

  Apple will be releasing the new OS X Mountain Lion version for the Mac this july which will be available in the Mac store. According to Apple there are about 200 new features that are added to the new version of Mac. Out of those 200 features, we have picked up some of the top features for you which are mentioned below in the list. (more…)...read more

Make comic strips on your iPad

To everyone’s entertainment there appeared new program which enables making comic strips using your photos on iPad. If you like this art then you will like Strip Designer. (more…)...read more

The list of iPad optimized Websites

Apple published on its web site the list of most popular sites which completely optimized their resources for the iPad. That means no flash on these sites, they use such web standards as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript instead of it. (more…)...read more