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Facebooks Holding Another Special Event on Monday

We're just in. Facebook's is holding another special event on Monday to announce something ahead of Web 2.0 Summit. It notes that “This special event is in advance of Mark Zuckerberg’s conversation on 11/16 at Web 2.0 Summit.” (more…)...read more

Facebook Introudes New Groups, Download My Information Feature & 3rd Party Application Dashboard

Early this morning, we told you that Facebook is about to introduce major updates for a new Facebook, but not as we thought (the interface). Facebook just added a new features to Facebook and introduced "Groups", so we can say that "Groups" is the new Facebook (that's a fact). Here, we cover the New Groups, all the features & changes in this event with quick videos in action. (more…)...read more

Facebook Improves Chat, Means no More IE6 Support

Facebook Introduces new Chat with no more interruptions that improves Chat's stability, speed and reliability Facebook engineer Rodrigo Schmidt says that Chat will not be supported on older browsers, particularly on IE6. Whatever, IE6 will be completely disabled by the launch of IE9 beta on September 15th. (more…)...read more