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Speed Up Your iPhone and iPod Touch Using FakeClockUp [Jailbreak Tweak]

FakeClockUp is a new amazing Cydia tweak to speed up your iPhone or iPod touch animations. It will allow you to accelerate your device animation up to 10 times. The tweak is available for free. Check how to install it and see it in action on the below embedded video. (more…)...read more

Sync Your iPhone, iPod, iPad Photos Wirelessly with Cinq

Now you can sync your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad photo library with you home Mac or PC either over 3G or Wi-Fi using an amazing app called Cinq, without cables, iTunes or iPhoto sync. The developer of Cinq created a paid and a free (ad-supported) versions for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Let's see how it works after the jump. (more…)...read more

Call Via Google Voice Natively! [Jailbreak Tweak]

Phone GV Extension is a new Cydia tweak that allows your phone to natively use Google Voice to call. This is not a standalone app. Phone GV Extension seamlessly integrates Google Voice into the native iPhone app which gives Google Voice calling capabilities of both Google Voice dialing methods, Direct Dial mode, and Call back mode. Phone GV Extension is also compatible with iOS 4.2.1. (more…)...read more

This App Turns Your iPhone into a Radar Gun [REVIEW]

SpeedClock is a new app available in the app store that turns your iPhone into radar gun. Even though SpeedClock may be a useful tool, there could also be an accuracy issue in the app because of the estimation of distance the user must estimate. There is also possibly a greater accuracy issue for the iPhone 3GS becuase it doesnt have the gyroscope feature like the 4th Generation iDevices. (more…)...read more

Add 3D Effect to Your iPhone / iPod Touch Homescreen with Barrel [Cydia Tweak]

Aaron Ash the developer behind Multifl0w app, has just developed a new amazing tweak which adds a 3D icon effect to the homescreen, the new tweak called Barrel, it has been tested on iOS 4.1 on all devices except the iPad due to some bugs caused by rotation. (more…)...read more

Download Torrent Files to Your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad with Torrent Downloader Safari Plugin

If you are using torrent clients to download your movies, mp3s, games and etc. Here's a useful plugin for you, now you can download torrent files directly to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Mobile Safari plugin called Torrent Downloader Safari Plugin. (more…)...read more

Add Screen Brightness Control to Your iPhone with App Switcher Brightness

A new amazing Cydia tweak called App Switcher Brightness, allows you to add brightness slider to the now playing bar in multitasking tray. It controls the brightness simply as you just have to double press the home button to launch the app switcher instead of going to native brightness menu. (more…)...read more

Top 10 Free Android Apps

In the last six months, Android devices have reigned supreme, with 32 percent of all new smartphone purchases. Android also is making huge headway as it reached more the 100,000 apps in the Android Market. Now I will show you - after the jump - the best top 10 Free Android Apps video reviews. (more…)...read more

Make Free Calls and Video Calls Over 3G and WiFi

As you know that FaceTime is only available via WiFi, but now you can make FaceTime video calls with Tango. What does this application? Tango offers high-quality video calling between iPhones and Android devices including Droid, EVO, HTC Hero and NexusOne, and works on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. It is now available for free on the App Store. (more…)...read more

Play Xvid Movies on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 with CineXPlayer

CineXPlayer app has been updated to be compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation running iOS 4.0 or later. CineXplayer app is the best way to enjoy your Xvid movies. Now you only have to transfer your Xvid movies to your iDevice and then play it directly without the need of any conversion. (more…)...read more