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Amazon’s Kindle Fire: Technical Reviews

Kindle Fire is a very well designed by Amazon to give a close competition to Apple’s iPad. Amazon’s Kindle Fire was awaited from a long time and now when the device is finally available in the market we have all the pros and cons of Kindle Fire. (more…)...read more

Amazon Kindle Fire Loses Market on Arrival of Google Nexus 7’’ Tablet

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is good Android Tablet by Amazon but the sales of the Kindle Fire are affected by a huge hit by the Google Nexus 7’’ Tablet. (more…)...read more

Detail verdict about the iPad by USAToday

People, there remained less than three days before the iPad will come to our hands! At least those of us who fell for the madness and were able to realize the relevance of this gadget. And believe me, there are very many looking forward to this new magic device. USAToday decided to attain a detail verdict about the iPad. Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham, provided a comprehensive review of the iPad. (more…)...read more

Apple doesn’t “kill” detached eBooks

You’ve certainly noted availability of new application iBooks in iPad during the presentation of the device. Immediately after the presentation developers of such well-known eBooks as Stanza, ShortBook sounded the alarm because realizing its application Apple automatically “kills” all alternative eBooks. Really, why should users install even free eBooks if there already exists specialized application in the system, which is in addition worked out by the company itself? (more…)...read more