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The first diamond iPad in the world!

A lot of people say that Apple devices are rather status than really necessary. It is uselessly to argue on this topic, as for me, because the Cupertino company’s creation fans and inexpensive practical hardware fans are two irreconcilable camps. And every man to his taste, as people say.

But you must admit that Apple still has high-status models, they are supplied not only with brand apple logo but also with diamonds, gold, platinum, various Swarovski crystals and other expensive trinkets. Well, as the word is, living well isn’t against the law.

Thus, on the occasion of new Cupertino company’s device outlet, Mervis Diamond Importers, one of the companies making ennobling of this hardware, proposed its own version of ornamentals for the iPad. Namely, this is incrustation with diamonds total weight of which is 11.43 carats. Hand-set in a micro-pave styling will cost you $19.999. It will be possible to choose the color of jewels. Available quantities will be very limited; orders will be available since June 1.

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