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Windows7 Phone Market Place And Apollo Release

Apple iOS and Android being the top contender for the mobile os, a new competitor entered the market which till now competing with both of the mobile OS, none other than Windows7 phone.windows 8 marketplace
The Windows phone 7 recently announced the release of the latest version of the Windows7 phone which is also named as Windows 8. The release is going to be held in San Francisco on June 20. The new version of the Windows7 phone is named as Apollo.
Nothing much has been disclosed yet regarding the Windows Phone Apollo but since 20th June is not too far so definitely we all will come to know about the latest Windows phone very soon.
Also recently we got to know that windows7 phone market place has now increased to about 100,000 application which is quite good as Windows phone is covering many applications with very small span of time.
It is expected that about 300 applications are be submitted and published each day so Windows phone platform is definitely expanding with the passage of time.


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