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What is a smart watch and Factors influencing in Sony Smart Watch 2?

Smart watch is a wrist watch which has many functions as a computer. They are working like a computer and also a kind of gaming gadget. The recent smart phones are very advanced and are working like a super computer and also a mobile. They have the mobile applications in the watch. The tech giant Sony has come up with their revolution in digital devices. It is a wrist based digital devices and termed as the smart watched.
The smart watch is stylish and graceful in its design with the black dial and a beautiful sleek body. The aluminium body has 1.3 inches of LED display which is easy to read even under the sun light. The display square dial is responds to our touch and tap. It is easy to swipe to navigate with the sensitive touch screen. The smart phone has a band made up of metal, plastic or any other materials with the width of 20mm. The weight of the watch is just 50g. The SW2 can pair up with the android phones and provide all the aspect of mobile phone in the watch such as email notification, GPS navigation and place and receive calls and messages.Sony Smart Watch 2 promo
Special influences of Sony SW2 over other phones

  1. The appearance of the watch is good. The display and the main unit of the watch are attractive. It should be of light weight to wear all the time.
  2. The display should be easy to read under sunlight and should save battery life.
  3. The interface of the smart watches is difficult to decide. The touch screen is easy and elegant. But are difficult to handle due to the smaller size of the screen. But the physical buttons are familiar but looks odd on a smart watch.
  4. Customization of the watch straps and body of a watch will surely attract the youth.
  5. The customization in alerts on social network media is the advantage for the Sony SW2.

Sony Smart Watch 2 photo
Sony Smart Watch 2 sideview

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