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Nokia Offers Lumia 900 in Special Batman Edition

For the fans of Batman, here is a good news that now you can have a special edition Batman features Nokia Lumia 900 which will be available in market within a few weeks.
After the super success of Batman The Dark Night now the sequel to it Batman the Dark Night Rises is about to hit the Cinemas and the people are going mad about it. So Now Nokia is launching a special edition Lumia 900 with the Batman theme especially for the fan following of the Batman.
The phone will be available in the United States and it definitely going to be a limited edition phone with only 900 manufacturing units to be produced.
Batman The Dark Night Rises
Batman the Dark Night Rises is going to be released on 20th July and the trailers of the movie has simply made the people go crazy about the movie.
You must be wondering that what will be the benefit of the phone, well your are thinking quite right as the phone will have an application with the help of which you can download free Batman wallpapers and ringtones. Also rumours are there that you can also get free movie tickets with this special editions Nokia Lumia 900 Phone offer.

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