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Hallelujah Cut and Paste is Coming

According to a recent video cast from the guys over at Diggnation the heavily sought after and seemingly forgotten promise of cut and paste on the iPhone is finally on the way.

According to the video, to invoke Copy and Paste, you just need to simply double tap on the word, and a magnifier bubble will appear with two quotes that you can drag around your selection. Once you make your selection, you can copy, paste or cut.

Copy and Paste will be arriving in 3.0 alongside a much improved homepage/springboard with the ability to organize in categories.

We have attached the video below, but be warned there is some adult language used throughout.

5 Replies to “Hallelujah Cut and Paste is Coming”

  1. Charlie

    i heard that you could get something like this before from cydia?

  2. snoboardnfreek07

    “Hallelujah Copy and Past is Coming”


    i guess thats pretty cool, but i dont really email that much on my iphone. how many times is someone really going to need to copy/paste/cut?

  3. cazure

    Haha, we both corrected him at the same time.

    Personally, what I’d mainly use it for is for emailing of links. I have plenty of times when I’m too lazy to run upstairs for my laptop to send someone a link–why shouldn’t I be able to use my iPod? And I have a friend who doesn’t have a decent computer atm, so she’ll love this.

  4. cazure

    Hallelujah is so right. It’s about time!

    I second Ben–Mobile Safari is total fail when it comes to typing comments, WordPress posts, etc.

    I’d love to see Flash and tethering and all such fancy things, but…I doubt it. I’m also wishing for extended battery life, like the last firmware gave us. Now, if only they don’t charge a fortune to us poor ol’ iPod Touch owners for the upgrade…

    Oh, and btw, the post is titled “cut and past,” not “cut and paste.”

  5. Ben

    Sweet, this will be awesome! I’d also like to see an option to scroll through walls of text when typing, instead of having to delete things. Like when editing a post or whatnot, if there’s more than shown in the box.