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Coming Soon: Vampire Origins Details

“Vampire Origins” was first revealed two months ago, back in April. Screenshots depicting a high graphics 3D game were released, but all other details were obscure, including the genre of the game and the storyline. This game is to be the first in a trilogy. It is being developed by Ice-Hill and published by Chillingo.
Today we are pleased to present to you the premier first in-game video of what looks to be a sure fire hit upon release!
As you can see with the release of a gameplay video below, the screen shots do seem to do the game justice- the environments in this game are of extremely high detail. Shooting and moving are both accomplished simply by tapping the screen. Items, such as weapons, will appear on the ground and can be picked up by moving over them. There is still no word on a release date.
Stay tuned to for further details on this and many more higher profile apps coming your way.


2 Replies to “Coming Soon: Vampire Origins Details”

  1. Mike Smith

    Ha ha!

    Remember the old PS1 games with prerendered backgrounds? That technique still works great if you don’t require / want a moving camera.

    Notice how the camera doesn’t move? They render the background and then keep it around while they render higher res models.

    Slick trick. You can really get much better graphics that way.

  2. Super

    I posted about this in the forums – it does look great though!