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Child labor and campsite – all for iPad

The buttons about Apple iPad’s on-sale date came off the foils. I personally suppose that Apple public relations officers eat their roed sandwiches for a reason as users all over the world are taking lively interest in this device not without their unnoticeable interference. There are two main rumours in the Internet at the present: the first one is about tablet outlet delay because of problems with contractors and the second one is about March 26 as iPad’s estimated on-sale date. Mark you, both suppositions are not unfounded

At the turn of last month Apple published the report about working conditions infringement at its contractors’ factories, the report claimed that there had been used child labor at Chinese enterprises manufacturing iPad, iPhone and other Apple products, however there had been carried out an audit and this distressing fact was set. Another unpleasant moment regards one of the company’s contractors, who didn’t manage to meet his obligations, and there is some talk, that tablet’s output will be either delayed or its geography will be limited to USA.

But there is also other information. Daryl Deino of The Examiner managed to obtain information about the date of long-expected gadget appearance on store counters. An unnamed Apple’s insider and manager of one of Californian AppStore informed that Apple store employees will get their first hands-on experience with the iPad and begin training on March 10, commercials will supposedly begin to air on TV starting March 15. As usual they don’t dare to state a concrete date but secret sources conjecture that March 26 is most likely. This X also reported that those who make camp site for the iPad will receive some special gifts. As Steve Jobs announced at the presentation, the 3G-enabled models will come into season about a month later.