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Are the rumours about big iPad true?

There are so many rumours in the Internet… And now they are about the following generation of iPad. The gadget itself hasn’t yet entered the market but there are discussions concerning new device which is supposed to be an intermediate between iPad and MacBook Pro.

Apple has really taken a great interest in creation of intermediates recently, however it’s obscuredly whether they go with the times or still temporize with the quality. Nevertheless this will become clear only after new device introduction.
Time will show whether this story is true or not, while we will keep tabs on assumptions and versions.

So, “big iPad” is said to be equipped with large-format ”15 screen and Mac OS X-based instead of iPhone OS. Features of new gadget are also promised to be another – without connected keyboard it can be used as multimedia tablet, with keyboard you will receive full-fledged computer. Most probably this model will be fitted out with Intel Processor instead of Apple А4 that will not only give advanced features but also reduce battery operation from 10 to 5 hours supposedly. In principal, this is not so bad in comparison with ordinary laptops. Weight of this device is said to be less than weight of ordinary notebook as cabinet will be deprived of keyboard, touchpad and other things which are useless for tablet PC.

“Big brother” of iPad will probably cost not less than $1000 that is quite normal for the device which can replace laptop.
With regard to the last creations of Cupertino team we can suppose that Apple positions computers of the future as exclusively touch-sensitive devices. They prepare us to this through Magic Mouse, Macbook touchpad, iPhone, iPad. Well, we are looking forward to absolutely new devices and hope they will not disappoint us.